Friday, 27 December 2013

Have You Been Naughty Or Ice This Year?

This kind of ice is funny!

This kind of ice is not! 

A few days ago, we experienced our first ice storm. It was not N-ICE!
The power went out and our tree might die because it's incased in ice 
and it's bent to the ground! So are lots of other trees in our neighbourhood.
We're really lucky because our power came on the same day so we could 
celebrate christmas and our house was warm and snug. But there  are 
thousands of people that are still without power [That's six days later!].
Despite it's treacherous outcome the trees were very beautiful when the sun's
rays hit them!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Did You Know... About Guinea Pigs?

5 Facts About Guinea Pigs:

1. Guinea Pig's teeth never stop growing.

2. They are very good pets!

3. Guinea Pigs were domesticated in 2000 BC.

4. They originated in South America and were used as a food source.

5. Guinea Pigs live in groups of up to 10 called herds.


Females are called Sows.
Males are called Boars.
Babies are called pups.

Why am I extra interested in Guinea Pigs? I hope to get one (or two!) as a pet soon. I will keep you posted.

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